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St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church & Ten Broeck Triangle Historic District
albany county
threat: deterioration and demolition
St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church is one of Albany’s great landmarks, defining the neighborhood in which it stands. The Ten Broeck Triangle Historic District was developed primarily between the mid 1840s and the early 1900s with outstanding examples of townhouse architecture of numerous styles. But by the second half of the twentieth century, the wealthiest families had moved out and magnificent townhouses were converted to small apartments or simply neglected and left to be ravaged by time and the elements.
Decades of urban disinvestment have taken their toll on the buildings in this National Register historic district, but Ten Broeck Triangle remains remarkably intact with a unified frontage of townhouses facing St. Joseph’s, one of the finest Gothic churches in the state.
In addition to strong support from the City of Albany for St. Joseph’s and its surrounding neighborhood, the Historic Albany Foundation and Ten Broeck Triangle Preservation League have worked together to make this a priority issue. Both St. Joseph’s and 41 Ten Broeck Street need owners capable of restoring and maintaining the buildings for new productive use. As well, the neighborhood could greatly benefit from tools such as the
Neighborhood Reinvestment Act, which is the top priority for the Preservation League in the 2003 Legislative session. Passage of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Act would create a state tax credit for owners of historic homes, to encourage reinvestment from within existing neighborhoods, while also attracting new owners.