Historic Tax Credit Improvements Proposed by NYS Assembly

Thank you, NYS Assembly! The State Senate and Assembly Released Their Proposed Budgets – Including Improvements to the State Historic Tax Credit in the Assembly’s Version!
We hoped both houses would include these improvements, but we are grateful to see them represented, nonetheless. Our team has been advocating for these changes along with our colleagues and partners in preservation since the fall. Many thanks to everyone who contacted their representatives, the legislature, and especially Assembly members Carrie WoernerDonna LupardoPatricia FahySteve OtisSteven EnglebrightRobin SchimmingerAnthony D’Urso, and Carmen Arroyo and NYS Senators Timothy Kennedy and Jose Serrano who sponsored these amendments.

And if you want to see these improvements included in the Governor’s final budget, keep calling your state senators and your assemblymembers!

State Tax Credit Enhancements make it into the Assembly budget bill: Part U of A2009B
 View the entire Assembly Budget Bill

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