We draw statewide attention to New York’s most important and at-risk historic places through our Biennial Seven to Save program.

Since 1999, the Preservation League has highlighted New York’s threatened historic sites through the Seven to Save list, which provides enhanced services from the League to bolster visibility and build support for preservation. Through partnerships with groups and individuals, threats to dozens of at-risk buildings, landscapes, downtowns, and neighborhoods have been reduced, and in many cases, eliminated by the Preservation League’s listing and subsequent actions. Press conferences, tours, grants, and new legislation are among the strategies the Preservation League uses to secure the future of at-risk historic places. The League also collaborates with advocates, elected officials and other stakeholders to craft preservation strategies and put these plans to work.

2020-21 Nominations are now open!

The nomination deadline is Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

To inquire about nominating sites and to receive an application, please contact Erin Tobin by email or phone at 518.462.5658 ext. 12 or Frances Stern by email or phone at 518.462.5658 ext. 10.

Program Guidelines


Seven to Save Goals

  • Spotlight important threatened historic buildings, structures, landscapes, and communities.

  • Generate enthusiasm for the protection and reuse of threatened sites.

  • Identify options for the viable use of threatened sites.

  • Focus public attention on key statewide preservation issues.

  • Demonstrate the economic and community-building benefits of historic preservation.

  • Provide guidance, strategies and tools to alleviate threats to at-risk sites.

Seven to Save Benefits

  • Statewide Publicity: Listed properties will benefit from media outreach and the Preservation League’s printed materials, website, and social platforms.

  • Local Publicity: Preservation League staff will work with local advocates on a public announcement of the listing. The League will be available to local media for interviews and comments. By mutual agreement, the League will enhance the visibility of the threatened property and its selection as a Seven to Save site by working with the successful nominators to produce and display banners, signs, or other materials for use on-site, as appropriate.

  • Educational: Listed sites will be given priority for the Preservation League’s educational outreach programs and materials.

  • Financial: Listed sites will be given priority for Preservation League funding programs.

Criteria For Nominator’s Submission

  • The nominated site must be located in New York State.

  • The nominated site must be historically and/or architecturally significant (but need not be designated as a local landmark, or listed on the State or National Registers of Historic Places).

  • The continued existence and integrity of the site must be seriously threatened.

  • There must be a strong local group with an identified leader/contact person advocating for the protection of the site, with the capacity to effectively partner with the League.

  • The Preservation League will be able to play a meaningful role through one or more of our existing programs, including technical services, public policy, grants, and loans.

  • When possible, the nominated site will illustrate a broader regional, state and/or national preservation issue.

  • In selecting the sites for the 2020-2021 list, the Preservation League will consider diversity of geography, building type, preservation issues, stakeholders, and audience.

Hidden in Plain Sight

In 2017, we organized the first Hidden in Plain Sight exhibition, showcasing that year’s Seven to Save designees. Featuring black and white photography by Bruce Harvey, Ph.D., this exhibition series allows us to use art as a tool to rally advocates to the sites that tell unique stories of New York’s communities.