Many historic barns dot the landscape of New York State, and oftentimes they carry a specific set of preservation challenges and concerns

Barn and Rural Preservation: FAQ

Where can I find information about how to best preserve a historic barn? 

How can I stay updated on current issues regarding rural historic resources in New York State?

  • Consider following the NYS Legislative Commission on Rural Resources. The commission is a joint, bi-partisan agency in the State Legislature. The commission publishes "Rural Futures: News of Interest about Rural NY.” This newsletter includes regular updates on new state laws affecting rural areas, news, publications, and grants. 

Are there financial incentives available to owners of historic barns who wish to preserve them? 

  • Unfortunately, there are not many financial incentives available for owners of privately used barns. The New York State Barn Restoration and Preservation Grant Program is no longer funded. 

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation administers and coordinates a number of programs of interest or possible benefit to barn owners, including:

Questions? Feel free to get in touch:

Frances M. Stern
Manager of Technical and Grant Programs
518.462.5658 ext. 10