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In New York State, preservation and reuse of our historic buildings is fundamental to the economic revitalization of our cities, towns, and villages. The restoration of our historic neighborhoods, Main Streets, and underutilized buildings continues to create jobs, provide housing, promote tourism, stimulate private investment, and conserve energy, resources, and open space. Our annual Awards program allows us to highlight projects that offer new examples of best practices in the field.

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Call for Nominations coming Spring 2020.


Before and after of 2019 Award winner the Walton & Willett Stone Store at Cahill Landing, Oswego, NY


Award Categories



Applauds outstanding preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation projects completed by architects, landscape architects, engineers, planners, developers, preservationists, or property owners. Nominated projects may include but are not limited to: landscapes, buildings, Main Streets, rural resources, and private residences. Nominated projects need not be listed on or determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, but The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties with Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring, and Reconstructing Historic Buildings should be reflected in the nominated work. The Standards are neither technical nor prescriptive, but are intended to promote responsible preservation practices that help protect our Nation’s irreplaceable cultural resources.


Honors municipalities, community groups, nonprofit organizations, and neighborhood associations whose advocacy, public awareness, publications, legal battles, and other preservation efforts have demonstrated heroic dedication to New York’s historic resources.


Recognizes creative, inspirational leaders whose efforts have encouraged the protection of historic resources, and strengthened the historic preservation movement in New York State. The Individual Award celebrates government officials, community leaders, local business owners, journalists, and other dedicated individuals who have succeeded in protecting New York’s heritage.


Acknowledges exceptional published surveys, historic structure or landscape reports, histories, brochures, technical briefs, or other preservation publications that have been instrumental in successful preservation projects.

The Awards jury reserves the right to not make an award in any particular category.


Selection of Award winners will be guided by the following general criteria, which may not apply equally to each category:

  • degree of difficulty of problems or threats faced and the creativity and appropriateness of the solutions applied;

  • impact of leader, program, organization, or project on the community, region, or state;

  • degree of imaginative and resourceful collaborative efforts among individuals, communities, organizations, project leaders, and consultants;

  • project design sensitivity to the historic character and fabric of the property, and degree of preservation or restoration achieved;

  • project execution representing the best preservation practice and use of appropriate techniques.