EPIP Profile: Unity Hall

stained glass inside Unity Hall

Project Name: Unity Hall Restoration, Fort Plain
Borrower: Mohawk Valley Collective
Loan Date: 2015
Project Description: The EPIP loan will provide cash to the owner to fund construction costs that will be reimbursed by a FEMA grant. Specifically the loan will fund construction and repair work to the foundation and first floor areas due to flooding that occurred in 2013 from Tropical Storms Irene and Lee. The building is the 1896 Universalist Church of the Messiah which was sold in 2011 to a contractor who planned to demolish it. Historic Fort Plain, Inc. (now Mohawk Valley Collective) purchased the building and renamed it Unity Hall with the intention of repairing it for use as a community center capable of providing workshop space for artisans.
Use of Funds: Construction
Project Status: Planning for the rehabilitation continues. Areas of the building are currently used for special events.

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