EPIP Profile: Van Ostrande–Radliff House

48 Hudson with scrim showing original building shape

Project Name: Van Ostrande–Radliff House Restoration, 48 Hudson Avenue, Albany
Borrower: Historic Albany Holdings, LLC
Loan Date: 2016
Project Description: The Van Ostrande-Radliff House is one of only a handful of North American urban Dutch houses to survive to the twenty-first century. Built in 1728 it is the oldest house in Albany. This EPIP loan assisted in completing emergency stabilization at the site that secured it from the elements and kept it in good-standing with the City of Albany’s Division of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance. Loan funds are also available to complete architectural and engineering services and to recreate lost historic basement walls.
Use of Funds: Construction
Project Status: Site is secured and fundraising continues.

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