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Hudson Like You've Never Seen It

Hosted by the Preservation League of NYS | An exclusive Excelsior Society event
Note: This tour is only open to members of League’s Excelsior Society
For more information, please reach out to Betsy Gramkow
by email or phone 518.462.5658 ext. 19

This tour will introduce you to Hudson – a chic small city set on the eastern shore of the Hudson River in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Hudson’s quirky, fun vibe is the result of significant private investment and a veritable encyclopedia of American architectural styles. Yet it was not so many years ago that a drive through the city, with its once boarded-up storefronts and general decay, left even the most intrepid traveler feeling uneasy.

Hudson has enjoyed a remarkable and elegant resurgence in the last three decades. Like a phoenix rising, the city has emerged from years of neglect to become a place that is full of promise. Its main street and historic neighborhoods are impressive, revitalized, and architecturally significant. And yet Hudson’s resurgence is fraught with growing pains. You’ll see it all – from impressive architectural gems to its gritty underbelly.

Hudson has countless treasures waiting for you to discover.