The League typically considers legal intervention in a preservation issue an option of last preference. Evaluation of possible legal involvement in a matter is initiated at the staff level, and concludes with a recommendation by a subcommittee of the League’s board to the League’s President and Board Chair. The League does not currently have an active legal services program.

The League will only undertake such intervention in furtherance of one or more of the following goals:

  • Enforcing compliance with important federal, state and/or local historic preservation laws;

  • Advocating broad judicial and administrative interpretations of preservation laws to assure public participation in decisions affecting historic properties and to assure access to the courts to challenge those decisions;

  • Protecting historic properties of national, statewide, or local significance, including historic properties that are either part of or under consideration for Seven to Save or another of the League's technical and/or financial assistance programs; and

  • Addressing issues with national, statewide, or regional implications relative to historic preservation and/or the adoption, interpretation, application, or enforcement of preservation laws.

For More info, please contact:

Erin M. Tobin
Vice President for Policy and Preservation
518.462.5658 ext. 12