Preservation on the Road


Do you have a hot tip about a local restaurant somewhere in New York?

A fun fact about the work we do here at the League: it often requires a lot of driving.

There are 114,365 miles of public road in New York State, and some days, it feels like we've driven all of them. Preservation League staff cover a lot of miles.

Because we’re often on the road doing site visits, conducting workshops, and providing technical assistance, we’re always on the lookout for the best local, non-chain eateries! We started a shared Google Map in 2011 and called it A Preservationist’s Plate so our team could keep track of the best places they stopped during their travels. Perhaps it might serve you in your next New York road trip as well.

This map does not represent any kind of official endorsement and the League has no relationships with any of the businesses included. There also may be some information that is out-of-date or no longer accurate. Please seek out the businesses directly for their current hours, location, etc.