EPIP Profile: Dr. Oliver Bronson House

The Dr. Oliver Bronson House

Project Name: Dr. Oliver Bronson House Restoration, Hudson
Borrower: Historic Hudson, Inc.
Loan Date: 2014
Project Description: This EPIP loan revolving line of credit provides cash flow support for the ongoing restoration of the Oliver Bronson House, in particular, bridging to EPF grant funds. The work includes asbestos removal to permit the demolition of the non-historic kitchen addition and for additional archaeology on the historic landscape and grading. This allowed for the stabilization of the south facade of the building. The home is a National Historic Landmark and the 1812 Original Structure and the 1838 & 1849 A.J. Davis Alterations & Addition are all historically and culturally important. The Preservation League named it a Seven to Save building in 2009.
Use of Funds: Construction
Project Status: Historic Hudson is continuing to fundraise for restoration of the building.

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