EPIP Profile: Livingston County Historical Society Museum

livingston county museum

Project Name: Livingston County Historical Society Museum, Geneseo
Borrower: Livingston County Historical Society Museum
Loan Date: Pending
Project Description: The Livingston County Historical Society was formed in 1876 and is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in Western NY. The Museum at 30 Center Street was built in 1838 and operated as a school until 1932. This EPIP loan is part of a project that will invest $750,000 provide ADA accessibility, replace HVAC systems and address foundation, structural and moisture issues including roofing, gutters, masonry repairs, and restoring the building’s main entrance. The building is a National Historic Landmark and is within a Historic District. The Livingston County Historical Society is an educational institution that connects the public with the rich history of the county by promoting a broader appreciation of the present through a deeper understanding of the past. LCHS uses its collections, programming, and partnerships to meet this mission and gain recognition as the county’s leading institution for heritage tourism and history education.
Use of Funds: Construction
Project Status: Planning